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Love Potion # 102- Body Polish

Exfoliate, Renew

This potion is the creamy deliciousness your body has been wanting! It combines the exfoliating power of sugar, with the moisturizing power of coconut oil to make for a killer combo that is sure to leave your skin smooth, soft, and supple.


Love Potion # 801- Herbal Libation

Relax, Calm

This potion is the ultimate "chill pill"! Our blend is intentionally crafted to promote relaxation and calm with a nice dose of natural flavor courtesy of essential oil infusion.


Love Potion # 100- All Over Butter

Moisturize, Hydrate

This potion is our long time star! Made with the best plant-based oils and butters it is smooth, creamy, super hydrating without leaving excess oil on your skin.


Love Potion # 250- Aromatherapy Candle

Relax, Rejuvenate, Ground

This potion is hand poured in small batches with 100% soy wax and pure therapeutic grade essential oils NO FRAGRANCE OILS to create a truly healing aromatherapeutic experience. The use of high quality, pure essential oils facilitates healing on a cerebral/emotional/mental level by breathing in the aroma alone!


Love Potion # 122- Herbal Bath Tea

Calm, Restore

This potion is a calming elixir of healing herbs and flowers infused with premium essential oils to restore your whole being! Relaxation for your mind, body, and spirit.


Love Potion #310- Tea

Calm, Soothe, Nourish

This potion relaxes your body while easing your mind and immediately delivering the powerful nutrients that the herbs and essential oils have to offer to all your body's systems. It promotes feelings of peace, warmth, grounding, and centering.


Love Potion #104- All Over Oil

Nourish, Moisturize, Hydrate

This potion is our most versatile product. It is extremely hydrating and infused with healing herbs, flowers, therapeutic grade essential oils, and charged crystals. It can be used on your hair, beard, face, body, for baths, as well as massages.


Love Potion # 112- Mask

Detoxify, Hydrate, Replenish

This potion rounds out the at home spa experience/self-care routine. Made with simple yet effective ingredients it cleanse and replenishes your skin and leaves you feeling and looking youthful and rejuvenated.


Love Potion # 300- Divine Acension Water

Cleanse, Protect, Bless

This potion is our own interpretation of the old spiritual staple Florida Water. It has been known for it's magical and cleansing properties for over 200 years! Our version serves as an all purpose spiritual tool of cleansing, blessing, protecting, and amplifying vibration.


Love Potion # 101- Bath Salt Soak

Detoxify, Purify, Cleanse

This potion is essential to the at home spa experience/ self-care routine. In addition to all the healing benefits of bathing in salts, herbs, and essential oils, a salt soak bath takes relaxation and rejuvenation to the next level for your mind, body and spirit!


Love Potion #105- Beauty Bar


This potion is hand made in small batches with plant based oils, therapeutic grade essential oils, and natural humectants to retain the moisture and leave your skin soft, supple and succulent.


"healing begins with love!"- Queen nina love


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