What is the Love Potion Farmacy?|Holistic wellness-centered 

|Modern-day apothecary style boutique

|Wellness kitchen

We specialize in healing elixirs and potions for your mind, body, spirit, and home.

How is all started

Love Potion was birthed 10 years ago by Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner, Queen Nina Love out of  her deep desire to give her clients a more holistic experience. 

"The potions I have been moved to create over the years have all been divinely inspired and charged with the intention of deep-rooted, holistic, overindulgent self-love and self-care."

The magic of it all

Even though herbs, roots, flowers, essential oils, and any plant based goodness is at the core of our creations at the Love Potion Farmacy, the real magic lies in the intention and love put into each and every potion!

It is of utmost importance to us that empowerment, intuition, radical self- love, and celebration guide you as you engage with our potions and in our budding community.

Each and every moment can be a divine encounter, if we allow it to be. It is our intention to provide you with tools in the form of potions, education, inspiration, and expert support in creating a magically delicious life! 

Superior Ingredients

Any alchemist knows that in order to produce a masterpiece you must start with superior ingredients.

What we do here at Love Potion Farmacy is what we call holistic alchemy. It is all divinely curated, we are merely vessels. 

It is our duty to source the very best, highest quality ingredients to ensure every product we create is as close to divine perfection as possible.

Our potions contain the following:





*Pure Therapeutic Grade   Essential Oils

*Natural Plant-based Colors

*Medicinal Mushroom

*Charged Crystals

*Solar & Lunar Energy

*Superfoods and other healing plant-based foods

*100% Love ALWAYS!


Our potions DO NOT contain the following:


*Toxic ingredients

*Artificial Colors or Flavors

*Artificial Fragrances




*Animal Cruelty




Love Potion is not just another natural beauty, personal care, and wellness product line. What we are up to is much, much bigger!


We are creating authentic relationships, and building community one elixir at a time!

We are absolutely committed to offering the highest quality products we possibly can.

But we are equally committed to supporting your holistic wellness, mind, body, and spirit. And most importantly, to educating and inspiring the healer in you to heal yourself!

We are here to serve, and it is our esteemed pleasure to do so!


Image by Debby Hudson


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday: 12::00 Pm-5:00 pm

Friday-Sunday: By appointment only

"healing begins with love!"- Queen nina love

© 2020 by The Love Dynasty, llc

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and superior quality to each and every friend we service; as well as creating unforgettably amazing experiences for each and every friend we service.