“Enchant, stay beautiful and graceful, but do this, eat well. Bring the same consideration to the preparation of your food as you devote to your appearance. Let your dinner be a poem, like your dress.”

- Charles Pierre Monselet

Cooking Lessons



Food Demos


Demos Private and Group Options Available

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$59.00 per person



Private and Corporate Options Available


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$59.00 per person

Speaking Engagements

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$100.00 per hour + travel



Culinary Experiences & Classes


The following culinary experiences/classes will be offered this Spring from March1st- May 30th. You have the option of hosting at the location/venue of your choice OR if you want to share your experience with other Lovers you can check out the calendar for the public dates at:



Interactive Culinary Experience Specials:















Sushi & Saketinis

Hey there sushi lovers! You want to learn how to make your favorite rolls? You want to learn the tricks of the master sushi chefs? Come join us for a night of fun with sticky rice, sake cocktails, and yummy Asian fusion fare!

For 2- $89 For 4- $159 For 6- $239

Org. $89 pp
















Cupcakes & Champagne Cocktails

Do you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quite? Do you just love champagne and think that it is the drink of the Gods ? Come join us for a fun night of pairing delicious cupcakes and refreshing bubbly cocktails!

For 2- $109 For4- $179 For 6-$259

Org. $109 pp













Caribbean Tapas & Mojito

If you love the fresh, bold, and spicy flavors of the islands and you can’t resist the classic Mojito you should join us for a fun night of caribbean tapas and flavored mojito pairings!

For 2- $129 For 4- $199 For 6- $279

Org. $129 pp





It’s Sushi Time!- It’s Sushi Time is an interactive class on Sushi. You will learn about sushi’s roots and origins. You will also have one on one sushi rolling coaching at your own mini sushi station. You will also enjoy a wonderful sushi sampling menu of the sushi that is collectively made during the class.$59 pp


Cooking with Aphrodite- Aphrodisiac Food Fun- Cooking with Aphrodite is a fun interactive cooking class on aphrodisiac foods; what they are aphrodisiacs,why they are and how to incorporate them into your meals to spice things up! Lots of fun partner games!!!$59 pp


Spring Time Cooking with the Seasons- Is your dinner in season? Well, it can be! Discover the beauty and sustainability of local and seasonal cooking. Using ingredients that are local and in season gives you 2 gold stars on the eco friendly charts while doing your body a wonderful service!$59 pp


Taste of Asia !- Travel around Asia with me in one night! Discover the taste bud tantalizing cuisines of 3 different Asian countries! Learn how to easily replicate these global dishes in your kitchen!$79 pp



Around the World in 7 Wines- International Food & Wine Pairing- Take a trip with me! Visit the major wine regions of the world and discover which wonderful wines pair best with which fabulous dishes! Wine and Food tasting menu included.$99 pp



          Spring Workshop

               Love Potion! Natural Body Care 101












Our rule of thumb at The Love Dynasty is: If you wouldn’t put it in your body ( via your mouth) DO NOT put it on your body! Ditch your toxic body care products and learn how to make natural products from some common ingredients found in your pantries and cabinets. Includes 2 sample Love Potion products, spa water, and light refreshments.$69 pp