Meet Queen Nina Love

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The Holistic Alchemist

" I, Queen Nina Free Love, am a Holistic Alchemist. I am here to serve my people, give, create, love, share my gifts, contribute to making this world a better place, and leave everything I touch better than I found it!"  


"To me, holistic alchemy is defined as the transmutation of matter, creation at it's simplest and most organic. Divine transference of precious life force energy. It is oneness with source while, simultaneously being used as a vessel by source. It is giving divine birth!"


Just like a multidisciplinary artist works with many mediums; food, herbs, essential oils,and crystals have been assigned to Queen Nina to accomplish her life's work.

No matter where she is conjuring; in the kitchen cooking over the stove or in the her production studio grinding herbs with her mortar and pestle, one thing you can ALWAYS count on, everything she creates is made with 100% Love!

The Chef Lady

The Chef Lady and food go way back! The kitchen became her stomping ground at the tender young age of 6. Experimental, fruit stuffed, baked goods and greens eggs were on the menu back then! Her grandmother's willingness to allow her the freedom to create in her kitchen was the genesis of the chef and woman you know today as Queen Nina Love.

Nina is a proud, self- taught chef. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She attended the real HU, Howard University in Washington DC which is also where she started her professional culinary journey. She has graced some of the most prestigious kitchens and conference rooms in our nation's capitol, serving up what she refers to as "love on a plate".

She has cooked, served, and or managed culinary/or catering operations at The Capitol, The Pentagon, The U.S. House of Representatives, The Library of Congress, Georgetown University, U.S. Naval Academy and many many more! 

She owns and operates a full service catering/culinary operation that offers a wide array of hospitality services including: food& beverage catering, food service business start up and menu consultations, classes, workshops, public and private events and much more!

The Holistic Wellness  Consultant 

In 2012 Nina graduated from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in New York where she studied to became a Certified Health Coach. She was later certified through the American Board of Drugless Practitioners as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. In 2020 Nina became certified as a National Nutrition Educator.


She is a Holistic Chef, Holistic Health and Wellness Advocate, Facilitator, Educator, and Holistic Alchemist. She uses whole foods, herbs, essential oils, crystals, healing touch and other alternative healing modalities to support and educate her clients in holistic living and to customize the most optimal wellness plans to successfully achieve and maintain their goals.


She specializes in holistic nutrition; more specifically plant-based diets (vegan, vegetarian, raw, and gluten free), and detoxification.

Nina is currently studying organic skin care formulation at Formula Botanica, an organic cosmetics, distance learning school based in the U.K.