Kwanzza Camp with Chef Nina B. at the Empowerment Center

"The 2013 Kwanzaa Camp is a mastery comprehensive program (focused on the Nguzo Saba Lifestyle) fused into a non-traditional summer camp setting that thrives on "edutainment".

In December of 2013, the first camp was developed & launched by Camp Director Jessica Teachey. Hosted by the Empowerment Center and Founder Dr. Kristal Owens-Gayle, the Kwanzaa Camp program is focused on educating youth between the ages of 6-16 on life skills, rites of passage, history, the sciences & life/career development.

Reaching not only from the past but recognizing the present and projecting for the future are the stages of awareness brought to children at Kwanzaa Camp. This way, graduates of the program are not only inspired to learn more but also give more and produce more.

The first camp featured speakers such as: Chef Nina B (The Love Dynasty), Asha "Boomclak" Santee (Note 2 Self, House Studios), Jay Winter Nightwolf (WPFW) & Lemond Brown (Swaliga Foundation). Offered only three times a year, the Empowerment Center's "Kwanzaa Camp" is slated to become one of the most highly sought after "camp experiences" in the Washington DC Metropolitan area."

By Jessica Teachy, Founder of Golden Child Network Management

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Monday-Thursday: 12::00 Pm-5:00 pm

Friday-Sunday: By appointment only

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