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Meet Chef Nina B; Chef, Healer, Singer and all around phenomenal woman. She rocked the first BLCK family dinner on the road in Brooklyn earlier this year and will be entertaining our palettes once again in DC for Juneteenth.

June 18th & 19th

We’re BLCK, We’re free!

We’re free!

Free to do what?

To do whatever the hell we want!

With this in mind, the BLCK family is hosting the June installment of their BLCK dinner on the road – in Washington DC to be exact – and it’s a Juneteenth celebration! The gathering will curate a show inspired by the spirit of the cotton club and after hour juke joints of years past, embodying the artistry that came from this era. The show will feature elements of food, visual arts, and music of the African Diaspora.

Though settling into the historic Anacostia Arts District for the weekend, the BLCK family is a South Florida based arts collective that supports African Diaspora culture and fellowships together monthly at various art venues. Locations are sought out for their significance within the Black community, using spaces where Black artists often had to reside when performing at places that wouldn’t accommodate them. The BLCK family uses these areas and works tirelessly to enrich our minds, warm our souls, and feed our bellies within them. This stems from the desire to connect our communities in an environment built to encourage collaboration and fellowship.

Brainchild of artists Rashaud Michel and Najja Moon, the BLCK family aims to use art as an opportunity to create experiences that celebrate Black culture and allow their guests to feel an intimacy that breeds genuine connection. This month’s fellowship is a sit-down dinner curated by Chef Nina B and will include live music from James Klynn, the ELEMENTS, and Kristen Monae, as well as artwork from Adrienne Gaither and Dee Dwyer. The curation for this installment will also take cues from the spirit of freedom cultivated during the Harlem Renaissance. Anticipate a retro design, a cotton club inspired menu, and big band sound at The Madison House.

The opening reception will take place on June 18th from 6pm -10pm and is free and open to the public. Tickets for the dinner are limited and can be purchased for $70 at For more information, contact


Paris in Harlem

A Crispy Purple Potato Chip topped with Truffle Cream Caviar garnished with Chives

Chilled Maine Lobster Salad

Maine Lobster Bites with Sweet Summer Corn fresh Heirloom Tomatoes Red Onion and Lime garnished with Scallions

Grilled Chicken with Summer Peach Relish

A zesty peach relish adds a summer time feeling to a perfectly grilled chicken breast

New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice

Red beans and simmered with andouille sausage and the classic spices of New Orleans

Aunt June’s Sweet Potato Cornbread with Spiced Butter

Sweet kernels of summer corn and whipped sweet potatoes topped with sweet cream butter with honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Smoky Vegan Collard Greens

Hearty collard greens seasoned to perfection with garlic, onion, spices, hickory smoke and not one bit of meat

A Red White and Blue Treat

Red Velvet Cake Trifle with Sweet Brandy and Blueberry Cream Cheese

About The Madison House

The Madison House, is a Black owned Wellness and Spiritual Center offering Mental & Physical Wellness Coaching and Support, located in the Anacostia Arts District.

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