Fresh Mint & Citrus Sugar Scrub

Marble Surface

Queen Nina Love

May 27, 2020

Mint Citrus Sugar Recipe

8 oz Sugar
5 tbs Oil of your choice
1 hand full of mint
3 tbs orange peel
15-25 drop of Peppermint Oil
15-25 drops of doTerra Citrus Bliss or any citrus essential oils of your choice

Pulverize orange peel in a coffee grinder as well as the mint ( separately). Mix 8 oz of sugar together the the oil, mint, and orange peel. Add in essential oils. Store in a sir tight container.

A few days ago our neighbor blessed us with a bounty of mint! This is the 1st creation we concocted with her generous gift. This scrub recipe is quick and easy and will refresh and rejuvenate your skin! You will need a coffee grinder to pulverize the dried orange peel. If you do not have access to one, just use orange zest or peel orange skins and dehydrate them. Enjoy!